Water Resources

Watershed Management    

Know catchment properties

We provide an in-depth report on watershed management. We use the current information on land use, land cover, soil, elevation, and climate of a watershed to understand watershed characteristics and help stakeholders in the development of the basin.

River Flow Monitoring

Monitor river flow conditions

Streamflow information is useful to reservoir operations, irrigation practices, and flood management. Using physics based, well-calibrated hydrological modeling approach, we simulate real-time and forecast river flow at multiple gauge locations.

Groundwater Monitoring

Monitor the groundwater level

Groundwater depletion is a major concern as 30% of the fresh water resources are supplied by groundwater. We monitor groundwater fluctuation using precise satellite data and hydrological modeling.

Reservoir Storage

Monitor reservoir storage

Reservoir plays a significant role in mitigating the worst impact of drought and flood events. However, an accurate forecast of inflow is required to optimize the operations of the reservoir. Using our hydrological expertise, we provide simulated reservoir storage along with inflow for better strategic activities.

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